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The Session Template software won't load on my screen?
If you experience difficulties launching the Session Template software then please check the following:

Check that you are using an up to date version of your web browser - the Session Template software is built in the latest HTML5 web technology and will work on all modern web browsers, but if your version is old or outdated it is possible that you will need to update it in order for the Session Template software to load properly and display on your screen.

If your web browser is up to date then it is possible that your existing browser's web cache is clashing with the software ‘load process'.

This can be easily resolved by clearing your web cache and cookies. If you’re using Google Chrome then you can easily clear all of you Cookies and web cache that are specifically related to ASC. Simply follow the steps below:

1. Open a new ‘Chrome’ browser and then copy and paste the URL: chrome://appcache-internals/ into the address bar and hit 'Enter'

2. Then select ‘Remove Item’ for the data/information listed that references

3. Then simply close and re-open Chrome and then re-launch the software - it should then display fully on your screen and be ready for use.

Alternatively you can clear your web cache and cookies by following the steps below:

Google Chrome:

Select 'Chrome' > 'Clear browsing data' as shown in the image below:


Then select the relevant check boxes and from 'the beginning of time' as shown below and hit 'Clear browsing data'. Then go back to the tab with the software, hit 'refresh' and you should see the software load and ready to use the software.



Select 'Safari' > 'Preferences' > 'Privacy' > 'Manage Website Data' as shown in the image below:


Then enter in the search field located in the upper right-hand corner, then select '' in the middle window and click 'Remove' as shown below.


Then select 'Done', close and re-open Safari and re-launch the software.

image Still need help? Click here to contact the ASC support team.

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