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How do I set up ASC Mobile for offline use?

To set up ASC Mobile for offline use on iOS devices please follow the steps below or click here to watch the Video Tutorial.

For Android devices please follow the steps below using Google Chrome.

Login to the ASC Website > go to the ASC Mobile page and click the 'Launch ASC Mobile' as shown opposite.
Once opened on your device, touch the Bookmark/Share icon and select 'Add to Home Screen' as shown in the image opposite.

*Make sure you have 'Private Browsing' switched off as shown here.
Give your icon a name and hit 'Add' or 'Save'.
Hit the ‘Home’ button and you will see the ASC Mobile icon appear on the Home Screen of your device as shown opposite.
Then, simply hit the ‘Home’ button on your device again and then touch the ASC Mobile icon you just added to your Home Screen in step 3 above to re-launch the application.
Wait a few moments for the offline confirmation message to appear as shown in the image opposite.
Sometimes changing the pitch or moving the slider on the right-hand side prompts this.
You're now set up to access ASC Mobile offline directly from the ASC Mobile icon on the Home Screen of your device.

image  Still need help? Click here to contact the ASC support team.

 Last updated Tue, Mar 24 2015 3:26pm

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