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How do I display my Interactive Session Plan on a mobile device?
Regular PC’s and Apple Macs come with pre-installed software to view and use documents, unfortunately this does not apply to mobile devices. Instead, mobile devices require an application to be installed in order to display and use PDF files and other document types on the device. The instructions below walk you through this step by step.

Firstly, you'll need to ensure that you have one of the PDF apps listed below installed in order to display and use your Interactive Session Plan or Digital Coaching form on your device.


For displaying your session plan on iOS devices we recommend either the Adobe Reader or PDF Max apps which are both free, or the PDF Expert which can be purchased for a small fee. 
The PDF Expert and Readdle Documents apps also allow you to edit & save your session plan pdf on your iPad or iPhone, as well as the ability to display other document types such as MS Word or PowerPoint etc.

For use on Android devices we recommend either Adobe Reader, QPDF or PDF Max.

To display & save your Interactive Session Plan or Digital Coaching form on your device please watch the Video Tutorial or follow the steps outlined in the images below.

Viewing Session Plan PDFs on Mobile Devices

iOS 1.jpg

Step 1.
Tap the email attachment or link to download the PDF document to your device as shown in the above image.

Tap the ‘Share’ icon as shown opposite to launch the ‘Open in’ menu. 

Step 3.
Then select the PDF app you have installed on your device to open your PDF.

Step 4.
You’ll then see the session plan/form and it’s contents displayed on your device as shown.

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